Sliding folding security shutter for airport duty free and stores

High footfall areas such as airports require shutters or gates that can adapt to any space with optimum security yet minimum bulk.

Beautiful, bright, colourful, often fashion icons. Non-stop footfall at any time of the day or night means airport duty free and stores require absolute security that is not too intrusive. But the closure system must also be visually appealing and allow good visibility and lighting.

FoldingPack®  is a security shutter designed to adapt to any dimensions and blend in with the surrounding environment. An innovative closure system that teams beauty, easy installation, ease of use for staff, and security against intrusion.

FoldingPack® is a sinuous system because it can secure straight or curved perimeters. It can simply slide to the side for a minimal, non-intrusive solution or be packed away into a discreet compartment.

No electric motor needed. Opened and closed by hand. No bottom track.
Robust yet elegant.

FoldingPack® : the new sliding and folding closure system entirely Made in Italy.

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