Why use it

Horizontal sliding shutter

Sliding folding shutters offer numerous advantages over traditional roller shutters.

Let's look at them:

1 • No width limit

Folding shutter doors can close off openings of unlimited width. A single shutter can cover the entire opening, with no intermediate posts or pillars.


2 • Ease of use

Manual security system that needs no electric motor to operate. Easier to use, faster and simpler to install than traditional roller shutters. More reliable as not affected by power cuts; requires very basic training and very little maintenance.


3 • Curved runs

It is the only type of shutter that can follow a single curve or a series of double curves. So, a FoldingPack can secure a curved opening in an attractive, non-intrusive way.


4 • No bottom track

Works without the need for a bottom track. Floor is completely clear with no trip hazards.


5 • Recessed top track

The top track can be recessed into the existing setting. This makes the runner almost invisible and leaves the opening completely clear.


6 • Folds away when not in use

When not in use the FoldingPack® shutter is folded to one or both sides of the opening, either "in view" or "hidden" inside a compartment. No one notices the shutter during business opening hours. The big box cover required for traditional roller shutters are not necessary.


7 • Maximum adaptability to existing architecture

The top track is only 39 mm high, so the shutter requires very little headroom. FoldingPack® is therefore the most suitable solution for applications where normal roller shutters would not fit.


8 • Used in outdoor areas exposed to the wind

In the outdoor version, the FoldingPack® is certified up to class 2 for wind resistance. It is therefore a perfect closure for shops, kiosks, arcades, outdoor areas (car parks, garages, warehouses, condominiums, ...) that require practical, reliable, easy to maneuver and adaptable shutters to any context.