Technical closure systems for hospitality

An easily installed shutter for hospitality businesses in shopping centres, stations and airports. Essential for securing equipment and products in open plan premises.

Hospitality premises are a major attraction in any public setting. The way these businesses operate means furniture, equipment and products are all on display during closure times, calling for secure yet elegant protection whilst leaving good visibility and lighting inside the premises. At other times certain areas need to be partitioned, such as the goods storage area, pantry, cooking area, and eating area.

Due to their often irregular design, these areas cannot always be partitioned using traditional motor-driven shutters FoldingPack®  manually opened horizontal folding security shutter, is the only solution for securing irregular shaped areas because it is designed to be easily installed and secure any working area.

FoldingPack®, is the innovative closure system that teams beauty, easy installation, ease of use for staff, security against intrusion, and requires no electric motor or power supply to operate. FoldingPack® is opened and closed by hand. No bottom track. Robust yet elegant.

FoldingPack® : the new sliding and folding closure system entirely Made in Italy.

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