Protector sliding folding shutter for shopfronts

FoldingPack® is a manually operated horizontal folding security shutter ideal for closure a mixture of straight and curved areas.

The tendency at some shopping centres, airports or railway stations is to design outlets such as duty free and stores with eye-catching, irregular layouts. The aim of these layouts, and the use of construction materials such as steel, is to be more aesthetically pleasing to consumers. But this makes it particularly hard to install suitable closure systems because of the technical limitations of traditional roller shutters.

The optimal solution in these situations is to use the FoldingPack®, system - a horizontal folding security shutter designed to adapt to any area and any building. FoldingPack® uses truly special constructive concepts that make it modular and flexible for all installation types, with no dimensional limitations, no particular masonry work, and no electric motors. Anti-intrusion and manoeuvrability, even with narrow curves and irregular areas, are guaranteed by the system's construction material and specifications. 

FoldingPack® : the new sliding and folding closure system entirely Made in Italy

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