FoldingPack®, protector sliding folding shutter for shopping areas, warehouses, car parks

A manually operated modular folding closure system suitable for any structure and architecture.

Attractive, sinuous and elegant, robust, easy manual operation and space saving when folded away. FoldingPack® shutter is ideal for securing outdoor areas, Kiosks, shops (FoldingPack® for outdoor ») shopping or hospitality areas inside locations such as:

  • shopping centres
  • airports
  • railway stations
  • underground stations
  • warehouses


The main characteristic of the FoldingPack® shutter is its adaptability to any existing architecture and perimeter thanks to a truly innovative construction system that requires very few components, minimal installation and no electrical connection.

The top track where the curtain hangs can be easily recessed into the ceiling and the shutter folded away into a lockable floor-to-ceiling compartment at the side.

No length limit. No limit to the size of the opening, including curved openings with a minimum curve radius of 350 mm. No bottom track so the floor is completely clear.