FoldingPack®, industrial folding shutter doors

FoldingPack is a horizontal sliding and folding closure system. A security shutter that hangs from a top track. FoldingPack® is one of the most versatile security products available because:
  • it can slide on a straight line or follow a curve.
  • it has no width limitations.
  • it requires very little headroom.
  • It leaves the opening completely free

FoldingPack® è is a manually operated system that slides along a top track. The curtain is pushed or pulled by the operator to open or close  the opening.

Depending on the setting and dimensions, the curtain can slide to the right or left, or divide into sections to make it easier to operate.

It is the only type of shutter that can follow a curve. So, a FoldingPack® can secure a curved opening in an attractive, non-intrusive way. Standard curves are 90 degrees, but we can supply curves for any radius.

The standard maximum height is 6 meters. But special FoldingPack shutters up to 8 metres high have been designed and made.

No, a bottom track is not required. The opening is left completely clear with no trip hazards.

Bolts with pins
The shutters are bolted to the floor with steel pins that lock into 15 mm sockets depressed into the floor. The stainless steel sockets are topped with dust caps to protect the spring mechanism beneath.

Locking posts
The curtain is supplied with robust rectangular section locking posts in extruded aluminium. Cylinder locks securely lock the shutter, securing the curtain to the fixed end posts or connecting the various sections of the curtain with hook bolts.

As a general rule, a folded FoldingPack® shutter takes up 12-15% of the opening.
If more space is available, we recommend setting aside slightly more space for easier installation and maintenance. Once we know the measurements and number of curves, we can immediately provide the exact dimensions of the folded shutter; contact us for more information (e-mail ››)

The shutter slides along a “run” about 220 mm deep.
Each slat complete with fastening accessories is approximately 140 mm wide. 
However, more space must be left to enable the curtain to turn and swing

The weight depends on the type of shutter, construction material and measurements.
The following rough estimates per m² apply:
•    steel - approximately 10.00 Kg/m²
•    aluminium - approximately 6.00 Kg/m²

It is possible to choose the side where the shutter folds away according to aesthetics or available space. It can also be split into equal or unequal sections.

FoldingPack® shutters hang from an aluminium top track. The track is fastened to the ceiling and can be recessed or visible.
The top track must be able to withstand the weight of a fully folded FoldingPack® at any point along its entire length

FoldingPack is certified up to class 2 for wind resistance. It is therefore a closure applicable to shops, kiosks, arcades, outdoor areas (car parks, garages, warehouses, condominiums, ...) that require practical, reliable, easy-to-maneuver shutters that can be adapted to any context.