How it is made

FoldingPack®, sliding folding security shutter

Type of curtain

Made from profiled elements 138 mm wide x 15 mm and variable height (made to measure).
The curtain can be:

  • Blind: total protection with absolute visual privacy.
  • Standard micro-perforated: total micro-perforation except for the lower and upper portions for mm 350 each. Safety and visibility.
  • Customized micro-perforated: created with the preferred "blind/perforated" intervals, thanks to the computerized production system that manages the micro-perforation during the element profiling phases.
  • Open: solution with maximum ventilation (70%)
  • Polycarbonate: strong protection and excellent visibility


The computerised production system enables micro-perforation to be created and checked while the elements are being formed.

Standard micro-perforated or fenestrated panels are perforated all over with the exception of a solid section at the bottom and top to allow sliding and locking mechanisms to fasten.

Otherwise, the customer may choose to use micro-perforation and/or fenestration only at precise points and alternate "solid/perforated-fenestrated" sections.

Top track               

The top track or runner is a highly robust aluminium extrusion measuring 39 x 39 mm. It allows the curtain to slide on runners fitted with nylon wheels and 25 mm ball bearings.
The track can be bent to follow the curve envisaged in the design, even with a very narrow radius (minimum 350 mm).
No bottom track is used, which leaves the floor completely clear.


Locking posts and locking mechanisms

The shutter is supplied with rectangular section locking posts in extruded aluminium. Equipped with locking mechanisms and related accessories such as pin, locking pins and gaskets. Depending on the dimensions of the design, the shutter may also be supplied with intermediate posts for dividing the curtain into sections to make it easier to open and close.

Cylinder locks securely lock the shutter, securing the curtain to the fixed end posts or connecting the various sections of the curtain. These can be either "hook" or "top and bottom".

The former are used to fasten the curtain to the fixed end posts or to connect different sections of the curtain. Top and bottom locks are used when there is no fixed end post (for example, when the shutter is folded up against glass)

Bottom locking pins

The shutters are secured to the floor with manual locking pins fastened to the curtain and spaced out at regular intervals. The bolts are fitted with steel pins that lock into sockets (15 mm diameter) depressed into the floor.

The stainless steel sockets are topped with dust caps to protect the spring mechanism

Available materials and finishes

The FoldingPack® horizontal shutter can be produced in the following materials:

  • galvanized steel
  • galvanized steel pre-painted in colours: white RAL 9010 – grey RAL 9006
  • aluminium
  • anodized aluminium
  • aluminium pre-painted in white RAL 9010
  • AISI 304 stainless steel
  • powder coating in any RAL colour

The modular design allows large openings to be closed off with no installation or transport issues.