Innovative quality

FoldingPack®, sliding folding shutter

Superior quality innovative system for securing shops, hospitality and tobacconists in shopping centres, railway stations and airports..

How can we claim this?

"We firmly believe that our product is superior to other sliding shutter systems available on the market. Until now, 'old-school' manufacturers have assembled a large number of extruded aluminium sections together. But this assembly is very labour-intensive, resulting in a very expensive sliding shutter. This system is now obsolete…"

FoldingPack® is much simpler and more functional.

A forming machine produces a shaped slat with curled edges enabling precise articulation.
The resulting shutter is simple and linear: better quality, more functionality and a much lower price

The computerised forming machine can produce solid or micro-perforated slats. Micro-perforation can be all over or according to a custom design, enabling full customisation.

FoldingPack® - The new way of producing folding shutters. The way to make sliding and folding shutters has changed.