FoldingPack® for outdoor

FoldingPack®, protection and/or division of outdoor areas

A shutter certified up to class 2 for wind resistance, easy to install and use in outdoor areas, shops, bars, kiosks.

There are outdoor areas that need to be protected and / or divided with a wind-resistant, strong, functional closure that opens and closes with one hand and that works without electric motors.

The FoldingPack® in the outdoor version certified up to class 2 for wind resistance, becomes a perfect closure for shops, outdoor bars, kiosks, outdoor areas (car parks, garages, warehouses, condominiums, ...) that require practical shutters, reliable, easy to operate and adaptable to any context.

FoldingPack® is a safety shutter designed to adapt to any project, to have a minimum folded shutter dimension and to be invisible when collected inside special compartments.

FoldingPack®: the new sliding and packable closure system totally Made in Italy